Three Types of Posts to Create the Perfect Content Mix

Social media gives you a chance to grow your online community, engage your audience, and build awareness around your brand to help your business bloom. 

Having an online presence and creating content the right way gives you more opportunities to connect with visitors and turn them into loyal clients.

Every piece of content you create is a new opportunity to advertise your business, so your content plan should include a healthy mix of promotional, educational, and engaging posts that can attract your ideal audiences and dream clients one post at a time. 

Modern consumers are bombarded with content and advertisements on a daily basis; they’re smart and don’t want to follow businesses that constantly try to sell. Instead, they want to purchase products and services from brands that offer value. Value can be in the form of content that changes a mindset, a mood, or a workflow.

Value comes in different forms and your audience likes to consume content in different ways.

So what does that exactly mean?

Here is a description of each kind of content followed by some examples:

Content that changes a mindset:

This type of content is used to enforce or change the way people perceive things.

It’s used to address beliefs and opinions, change perspectives, raise people’s expectations, help them overcome their doubts and impact their thoughts and decisions.

Content that changes a mood:

This type of content inspires, supports, entertains, and motivates the audience. It addresses people’s hopes and dreams and helps them see further.

Content that changes a workflow:

People crave results, transformations, and experiences.

This type of content helps them with that. It helps people start, change or improve the way they do things. It may help them save time, solve problems, increase income, etc.

These three forms of content will ensure you are always creating valuable interesting content that your audience loves.

But how do you apply this?

Let’s look at some examples that show how different service-providers can use this content mix. 

An email marketer: 

Mindset: Share statistics or case studies to show how email marketing can promote your brand and increase sale.

Mood: Inspire people by sharing 3 email content ideas.

Workflow: Share an email marketing tool that simplifies the process.

A therapist:

Mindset: Reassure people that seeking help is ok and normal.

Mood: Share a relatable situation to make people feel supported and less lonely.

Workflow: Share a powerful habit that helps you get comfortable in certain situations.

A nutritionist:

Mindset: Help people shift from dieting to another solution.

Mood: Share self-love affirmations or feel-good videos.

Workflow: Share habit-changing tips such as healthier morning routines or recipes.

Weave these different content types together to share your knowledge and make it easier to show off and sell your products and services.

Happy creating!

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