Hey there! I'm Dana Soueid.

I help passionate skilled individuals turn their ideas into content, and their content into revenue.

I'm Dana Soueid.

I help business owners reach potential clients and grow with the power of content & words. 

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Who gets super excited about content creation day?

Maybe that’s not everyone.

But one thing I know for sure is that I’m always excited about turning ideas into reality, and I do that with a LOT of passion.

I’m a content strategist, coach, and creator.

I’m into all-things-creative and I love finding unique ways to help brands and individuals share their stories and market their businesses online.

I combined my degree in Mass Communications and Advertising along with skills earned along the years to create my online business, and now I get to spread my love for marketing and media with ambitious business owners like you. 

My goal is to help you with content & words to build and grow your brand.

And to be completely honest, it’s about more than just content creation: It’s about making a real difference, big or small. That’s the kind of impact I aim for with each piece of content I create or help you create.

Whether what you offer is life-changing or day-changing, I’m sure there’s a difference you can make through your products and services, and I understand every business is unique, so I offer flexible service options to meet your specific needs. 

Let’s create, inspire, and grow!

The truth...

I’m a professional introvert and casual daydreamer! This is why creating content is my zone of genius.. It’s one of the best ways I express thoughts and ideas. 

I've been around...

I’ve lived in multiple countries throughout my life. I believe this diversity has shaped the way I see things and made me a more flexible and creative person.

Passion meets skills

At university, I majored in Mass Media. I specialised in advertising and PR. Writing, creating, and documenting have always been something I loved (even before social media). This means that beyond trends, my work is centered around solid foundations, tried and tested formulas, and strategies that work. 

Before all this..

I worked as a university student advisor for a short-but-worthy period of time, I also worked as an intern at a consulting office covering media events, writing press copy, and perfecting content for marketing purposes. I guess it’s why things naturally fell into place when I decided to start my online journey and help individuals use content to express themselves and pursue what they love!

We’re a perfect match if:

  • You’re a coach, consultant, creator, service-based business owner, or thought-leader looking to use Instagram to build (or grow) your business.
  • You’re the face of your brand.
  • You’re a product creator (physical or digital) and want to learn creative ways to market your products on Instagram.
  • You’re interested and committed to using the power of content marketing as part of your marketing strategy. 
  • You’re purpose-driven, passionate about what you do, and want to help people in different areas of their lives. 

I love your approach, how you treat your client and how authentic professional and meticulous you are, I really appreciate that 😊

Mira Moufarrej Artist & Confidence Coach

Working with you has made content writing and planning more enjoyable, easy, and leading to TANGIBLE results. Not to mention how you supported me along the way.

Laila Hankir Financial Coach

Dana is extremely clear and pragmatic and this helped me in receiving all what I expected. That’s one of the greatest strengths I found in working with her.

Joseph Guiseppe Inbound Marketing Expert

After my session with Dana, I gained clarity and tips to improve my content and already noticed and increased reach. She shared ideas that I can always refer to. She didn't do my work, but taught me how to do it effectively to grow my business page.

Lamis Hamouche Youth Coach

You’re so passionate and great at what you do.

Dr. Lea Feghali Pelvic Floor Specialist

We stumbled upon Dana's page and started following her because we loved the visual style of the page, how simple and clean it is and found her content very interesting and useful.

Ray Designs Studio Fine Jewelry & Product Designers

I really appreciate Dana's follow ups and attention to details. She did not miss a thing to help me reach my goals.

Hitaf Zwein Intuitive Eating Dietitian

Content Marketing Made Easy

I’m a passionate content marketing expert who helps brands and individuals like you turn ideas into reality and grow their business online. Let’s craft compelling content that makes a difference!

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