Make the Most Out of Your Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram story highlights are one of the most useful features on the app.

When used in a meaningful way, they can attract viewers and encourage them to keep scrolling through your feed. 

Check out this easy-to-follow guide with tips to create story highlights which communicate your brand message and attract your ideal audience. 


Many people take a look at highlights as soon as they discover your profile so you want to make sure you’re leaving a good first impressions and clearly showing what you do and offer by customizing these highlights to your goals. 

Here are some ideas to set up your story highlights for success: 

1. About me/us highlight:

Use this to build and deepen your relationship with your audience. Share the story of why and how you started your business, what fuels your passion, what you offer, and how you can help.

2. Feedback and reviews: 

Use this as social proof to build authority and trust by sharing what your clients have said about your offers and services. Share client wins, case studies, testimonials, etc. 

3. Free resources: 

Get people interested to work with you by providing a value-packed free resource. This can be a downloadable guide, workbook, checklist, recorded webinar, etc. 

Share people’s feedback here too to incite more people to download your resource. 

4. Products/ Services: 

Tell people about your products, services, or ways they can work with you. You can also share a roadmap or workflow to show people what the process is like and how they can benefit from it. 

5. Behind the scenes: 

This can be used to show people snippets of what goes on behind the scenes at work. It could be preparations for an upcoming workshop, footage of you working on something, or stuff your audience is generally curious about. 

Bonus Tips

Don’t forget to design highlight covers that match your brand.

If you have any upcoming launches or offers, create new highlights for them. 

Keep your highlights updated.

Get creative with naming your highlights. For example: Feedback can replaced by client wins or kind words. 

Want to learn the best ways to create Instagram content which connects with your audience and attracts your ideal clients. Follow me here for tips and motivation to create content for your business.

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Make the Most of Your Instagram Story Highlights

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