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Create and manage your content with ease.  

Thank you for showing me a whole new perspective. I feel like I’m seeing in myself a new horizon & already I have new ideas! I’m sure I will need your help in the following steps as it also requires some work & more reflection but I can’t wait for the whole process 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 thank you Dana 🤍🤍

Krystel Abou Karam Film Director & Editor

Dana was able to deliver a clear and structured content plan & strategy with amazing set of post and story ideas that I could keep in front of me as a guideline to help me stay consistent and know what I needed to do every week to keep my page active, increase engagement, and most importantly successfully deliver my message to the world. Creating content has become so much easier and FUN after I have received my content plan.

Loubna Sabbah Online Business Coach

You gave me clarity on my social media strategy that I was desperately seeking. I believe you gave me all the right advice, suggestions, and examples to be on the right track.

Joseph Guiseppe Inbound Marketing Expert

After our session and with your continuous support I finally found the connection between all my interests and the strategy that you designed for me you made my life easier. This brought me relief especially that you don’t complicate things and you make it simple to execute.

Mira Moufarrej Artist and Confidence Coach

Your sessions are always on point and flawless. They have lots of valuable information but still don’t feel overwhelming. I enjoyed every minute as it really charged me up with lots of ideas and encouragement to work on the points you highlighted.

Lama Aridi Sleep Consultant - Little Dream Catchers

We first contacted Dana when we started seeing lower engagement on our page and figured that we're not doing things the right way, with no content plan whatsoever. She was very helpful and we appreciated the research that was done about our brand beforehand to tackle the issues in a very personalized way. And we've been working with her since! We love how detailed, clear and personal the plan is, and we love that we can always reach out to her with any questions we have - to each his expertise!

Ray Designs Studio Fine Jewelry & Product Designers

I was struggling to organize my ideas and post them in a way that is effective for my goals. I know I'm knowledgeable and have a community of loyal customers but that was not helping my online presence. Dana designed a strategy to make things easy, efficient, and converting. I'm grateful my page's reach and engagement have improved too.

Hitaf Zwein Intuitive Eating Dietitian

Helping you manage your content to achieve better results.

This is a perfect place to start if you’re looking to build and grow your personal brand online. If you have a passion or skillset you want to monetize and need guidance or support along the way,  then this is for you.

Together we will:

  • Unpack the why, who, and what of your personal brand.
  • Talk about your purpose, core message, ideal clients, etc.
  • Lay the foundations and talking points which will later enable you to create effective content. 
  • Highlight the unique factor which differentiates you from your competitors & helps you attract your ideal clients. 


For you if:

  • You’re an aspiring business owner who needs help kickstarting your online presence.
  • You’re not sure where to start when it comes to developing your business idea.
  • You’re looking to build a flourishing online brand.
  • You want to build a powerful profile from the start.
  • You’re a coach, consultant, or service provider who wants to use social media to grow your business. 


Ready to (re)create your personal brand with clear guidance, ideas, and support? 

Get in touch. Light bulb moments guaranteed.  

Content Strategy

Create or fine-tune your strategy to ensure you’re sharing valuable goal-driven content that brings your brand to life.  

This session is perfect for individuals who want to manage their own socials but need a simple strategy in place. 

During this 60 minute 1 on 1 session you’ll learn how to create multi-purpose posts to get you visibility, engagement, and sales. 

You’ll walk away with a clear plan and you will work closely for a month. I offer text support so we can continue to connect and I can help you with any questions that come up within the following days of our call. 

Want to simplify your content strategy and take the guesswork out of posting on Instagram? 

Content Creation Services

Free yourself from content creation with expert help.

Having  a strategic content plan is essential if you want to go beyond a pretty feed and really start seeing your business bloom. 

Let’s be honest, anyone can post on social media, but planning and developing effective content is what brings results.

If you’ve put alot of energy into creating content only to feel like you’re spending alot of time, getting overwhelmed, and barely seeing any results, then let me help. 

I’ll create a custom plan just for you so you can focus on other sides of your business and stop wondering what to post.

We can do this through: 

1) Strategic content ideas.  (Half the work done for you!)

2) Content writing and scripting. (Huge time saver). 

3) Post designs. (Scroll-stopping visuals). 

4) Video production. 

This means you’ll be able to: 

  • Effectively share your brand message.
  • Help your audience on a higher level.
  • Position yourself as an industry specialist.
  • Stand out online.
  • Increase your impact.
  • Grow your business and revenue. 



  • Knowing your content is creating interest in your business.
  • Having your ideal clients reach out to you because of your content.
  • Taking your time back so you can focus on your zone of genius and other areas of your business? 

You’re a busy business owner. We’ve got solutions. 

Are you a DIY person?

If you are, I have something for you too! Check out the free resources.

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No idea what to write when it comes to Instagram captions? Here’s a simple guide for you.

Market your brand with Reels

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Unlock the potential of your personal brand

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