6 Tips to Create Content in Less Time

Looking to be more productive and save time on Instagram?

Probably yes.

From coming up with great ideas, to finally posting them on social media, there’s a whole content creation process that can be time consuming. 

Thankfully, there are some easy ways to create content at a faster pace, without sacrificing quality. 

Want to free up some time so you can focus on other sides of your business?

Here are some of my favorite tips that are totally worth trying. 

But before we start, remember that done is better than perfect.

Seeking perfectionism can really slow you down. Don’t aim for the perfect post, think of how valuable it will be to your audience instead. 

1. Have a strategy:

A strategy gives you so much clarity and helps you create goal-oriented content. This means you’re less likely to waste time on producing content that does not attract your ideal clients or moves your business forward. Your strategy will help you stay on track and work more efficiently instead of trying to hop on every trend, or post for the sake of posting.

2. Write all your ideas: 

Once you have your ideas written down, you can easily develop them into actual posts. This may including fine-tuning your drafs, writing video scripts, editing videos, or whatever is needed to turn your idea into a post.

3. Create a content bank:

When you have your ideas written down, try writing talking points, phrases that describe what you do, or catchy taglines. Save these in one place.

I personally have a content bank where I write and keep caption starters, calls-to-action, bullet points, and descriptive sentences that describe my work and offers.

This is so helpful specially on days when I’m not feeling inspired to write. 

4. Find a workflow that is suitable for you: 

For example, if you prefer writing a single post from start to finish, do that. You might be able to focus better this way. But if you prefer splitting your workflow by tasks such as drafting ideas, writing content, filming, editing, etc. then do that too.

Everyone works differently so finding a workflow you like and enjoy is key.

5. Plan ahead:

This one is pretty straightforward. When you know exactly what you’re creating and what your message is, you can get straight into it instead of wasting time scrolling for inspiration or trying to figure out what to post.

6. Batch create some content: 

Try creating 3-5 pieces of content in one sitting. Even if you’re the type that prefers creating each post from a-z, scheduling some time to create content means you’re fully focused on this particular thing. Instead of trying to multitask or move back and forth between different things, try setting some time for content creation alone. Less distractions, more creativity, hello productivity!

By planning and organizing your content, you can become more consistent in getting it out there. It also means you’re posting with purpose and intention every time.

Want more tips and strategies to make content creation seriously easy (and fun?). Follow me on Instagram.

Happy creating.

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